Scott shoot Feb 2014
Hi everyone!

This my journal, where I write an entry every day. I write on all sorts of topics, from my daily life to little quirks of my personality to my opinions on things.

This journal is friends-only but I've left a few entries open in case you want a sample of my writing.

I would prefer just to be adding people who I've had some interaction with either in person or probably over on ask_me_anything.



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I just read this poem that Joe wrote awhile back, and I LOVE it. Read it out loud. :)

Fairy Tales

  I knew a man made of bricks
  layered thick with mortar
  mixed from mammoth bones and milk

    He'd leave a ring of salty silt
    around his patchwork quilted keep
    where guilt would not permit him sleep:

      he'd killed the boy who had him built.

  I knew a woman grown from grass
  a dewy mass of creepers
  clasped within an hourglass

    Her eyes, behind a shining mask
    betrayed a soul aghast, to see
    the task that tugged her destiny:

      her seedlings poisoned by her past.

  I knew a world composed of air,
  by ever-flaring glow
  ensnared and spun 'round unseen gears

    In planes surrounding, pitch as fear
    unnumbered eyes too clearly burned
    and dared their king at every turn:

      “Release these jewels from your care.”

  I woke the day the glaciers thawed;
  archangels saw the earth:
  a raw, redemption-seeking shore

    where meaning might be wrought from war
    upon the rank disorder seen,
    and sword-brandishing scholars dream

      of heaven's insubstantial door.

  I walked in meadows sewn from skin
  where grew great minarets of
  spinning solitude and shame

    Their flowers played a foolish game
    of twining songs to tame the eye
    and claim for each an arc of sky -

      which rent itself to offer rain.

  I spoke a language writ in dust
  that drifts from musty jawbones
  just as marsh gives rise to mist

    'tis spoken not so much as kissed;
    a silhouette's persistent lines
    can twist e'en darkness into signs

      or grow a golden crown from grist

  I met a creature cast in light;
  its seven spiteful tongues
  inviting me to climb and ride

    between bright murals, tall and wide
    its talons ripped aside the floor
    to chide its chosen with a roar:

      “you've each a grave that grows inside.”

  I write so as not to forget;
  my proud octet of lies,
  regretful that I have but eight.

    E'er hungering to demonstrate
    and measure at a rate precise
    the final weight of sacrifice:

      we die to feed what we create.
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Some fun pictures from the snowstorm
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This is hard
I've narrowed my assignment down to the following 9 artists:

Macy Grey
Regina Spektor
Gwen Stefani
Kristin Chenoweth
Queen Latifah
Tina Turner
Any Winehouse
Nelly Furtado

There's kind of a gradient there, so I'll have to try to figure out which ones are the most different. Also some of them I'm having a lot of difficulty imitating (Tina Turner, Macy Grey, Gwen Stefani) and others come more naturally (Kristin Chenoweth, Regina Spektor, Nelly Furtado), but I don't think I should factor that into my decision too much. The whole point is to adapt my voice into doing something it's not used to doing.

I think I'll have to record myself, because it's hard to tell if I'm really hitting it if I'm just singing along to the track.

ETA: Just recorded myself singing all those things and oh my god why haven't they kicked me out of Countermeasure yet

Christmas Photopost
Merry Christmas, everyone!

Not as many photos here as I thought - a lot of the Christmasy photos I took were cool but not good enough to post to Flickr. So there's a few non-Christmasy ones at the end.

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Mostly pictures from our Countermeasure retreat at Clara's cottage (lovely weather for early November!). Saving all the Christmas ones to post on or around Christmas :)

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I'm behind on posting pictures again. This isn't totally up to date, but I didn't want to cram TOO many in. I'll maybe do one more batch before Christmas then do a post around Christmas with all the Christmas-themed photos I've taken. :)

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Scott shoot Feb 2014
Maybe this is vain, but I'm going to number them so that if you want to comment on a particular one it's not so hard to pick out.

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Friends clear
Scott shoot Feb 2014
No need to worry - I'm clearing out people who I haven't seen post or comment on anything in ages who I assume don't use LJ anymore. If I removed you and you would like to keep reading, let me know.

Edit: that being said, anyone know how to remove purged accounts from your friends?

Edit again: and I'm serious, I'm not removing anyone because I want to exclude them, so seriously let me know.

Scott shoot Feb 2014
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